Saturday, June 5, 2010

Llanes, aka my new love we went on an excursion to Santillana del Mar and Llanes. They're off the northern coast of Spain about 2 hrs and 1 hr from Oviedo. I love that these excursions are part of our grade because they're always ridiculously fun! It almost feels wrong to be having this much fun at a school activity. :) Our first destination was Santillana del Mar. It is an old town with a beautiful Romanesque church and a torture museum, which my friends and I decided against visiting after witnessing the looks of horror on our other classmates faces as they walked out. It was a beautiful little town with lots of good scenery and architecture...but my real love was Llanes. Holy cow, it was like Scotland all over again! There was this tiny little beach with rocks (I love rocky beaches) My friend Gail and I took some pictures down there and then we hiked up a little trail until we got to the top of this wall/rock formation. But the ground was all grass. It was amazing. The view on either side was breathtaking. I couldn't quite capture it with my digital camera, but some day I will come back with a much better camera. All you could see was ocean for miles. I couldn't get enough of it. I decided that one way or another, I will be proposed to there. Ha ha. Try to enjoy the pictures...I wish they captured even a tenth of the beauty.